”To translate what resides in my heart and mind into music. Music to hold your hand when needed. Music to empower your dreams and visions. To be a distant friend who will always be there when you press play.”



Summer On You:

“While I was in the studio recording the vocals for ‘Summer On You’, the song in collaboration with dj’s Sam Feldt and Lucas & Steve. I remember thinking to myself while singing: I want as many people as possible to feel like they recognise a part of themselves in my voice. I believe we are way more connected than we might think. For me, music turned out to be the best way to reach out and communicate in a very special way.”

Mind Made Up:

“Mind Made Up is my first single. After I decided to listen to my gut feelings and ignore society’s pressuring expectations, I gave up my job and took a leap of faith. Without a steady income and a clear image of my future, things got really rough. I needed the ‘Wulf’ in me to take over and to allow that part of me to grow stronger. For me, Mind made up is about that time in my life. About keeping faith, improving and staying positive, even when the rain doesn’t seem to stop.”


“My mother asked me if I wanted my parents to call me ‘Wulfie’, after she found me in the kitchen crying over a movie about Mozart, when I was about 4 years old. There is this scene in the movie ‘Amadeus’, in which the actor – that plays Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – dies. The music combined with the images made me deeply sad. I think it was the first time music recklessly took control over my emotions. I didn’t want my parents to see this emotional confusion and tried to sneak to the kitchen unnoticed. It didn’t took long for my parents to go check on me. After my Mother comforted me, my father started to call me ‘Wulfie’ / ‘Wulf’ ever since. When I chose to commit my life to music and singing, this was the only name that felt right for me to embrace in the journey of becoming an artist.”


”Stay forever allied with the reflection of your mirror.’’

”Be you, you is cool.”

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